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Brand: Xray

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Active Differential set for XB2. The unique XRAY Active Differential is a high-performance, adjustable front gear differential for XB2 . . . vastly improving the buggy's speed and handling characteristics. The special design of the internal components using different angled segments allows the diff gears to engage on-power to increase the forward traction, making it faster and easier to drive.

While the XRAY Active Differential is a performance option for serious racers who want to gain an edge on superior speed and handling, it is also of great benefit to drivers of all levels that want a more predictable and easy-to-drive car in all racing conditions.

Ball-bearings not included.

Fits: XB2, XT2

Notice: When buidling the Active Diff always use all 4 internal satellite gears. Never use only 2 internal satelitte gears.