JCONCEPTS TWIN PINS + INSERTS - PINK COMPOUND, MEDIUM SOFT (fits 2.2" buggy rear wheel) - JCO3190-010


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Brand: JConcepts
Offroad Tyres - Compound: Pink
Offroad Tyres - Front/Rear: Rear
Offroad Tyres - Scale: 1/10 Buggy
Offroad Tyres - Tread: Twin Pins

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The Twin Pins are a new ground-breaking design which have not only, turned some heads, but have the competition, scratching their heads. The Twin Pins feature a dual spike which is connected together to form a mini-mountain like silhouette. The Twins are rotated throughout the design to form a solid, pin rich environment so surface area is maximized. The tire carcass itself has been refined, slammed to low-profile, high-speed standards and slimmed out to reduce weight in all possible areas. 

The center section of the tire is connected at the base by an ultra-low, winding “river walk” which strengthens pins near the base. The “river walk” can also extend the longevity of the tire once the pins are gone, the “walk” retains some height for emergency long distance main events. The outside of a tire can make or break side-bite, too much pin and the tire can be somewhat tippy, while not enough yields a squirrely vehicle. The very outside of the Twin Pins have legs which extend out to micro pins giving the racer all-important support turning high-speed corners.

During a recent event at the JConcepts Turf Nationals in Enfield, Connecticut, the team performed an extensive amount of testing with the new tires. Key drivers, Jason Ruona, Spencer Rivkin and Alex Kosciuszek gave the new tire tests for speed, durability and consistency and the new tires passed with flying colors. The pink compound marked with 2 pink dots on the tire represents a new compound for JConcepts, a medium soft material with healthy wear characteristics. The rear tires include open cell inserts making them a complete set ready to mount, straight out of the package. 



JConcepts fit, finish and design
Dual, connected pin with alternating positioning
“River walk” of center pin support
Sidewall legs with micro pins
Carefully shaped profiled carcass for rolling speed
Includes open cell inserts